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Hey there! I know, I know... I used to keep this blog alive and updated every day.. and sometimes, twice to thrice a day.. due to my recent job, I have yet to give you juicy information regarding updates about life or my personal encounters..

I have another blog which I have been updating buy I have not released it to the public and my sincere apologies for not doing so. My argument would be because I'd like to have the blog features and settings a little more presentable compared to many other simple blogs. And in one of my former "recent" entries.. I did mention that I lost many of my important belongings. Well, that would be one of the main reasons why my entries have been very plain and empty. I can't get myself a new camera just yet but I will try.

Bills are coming in and I have many things to settle and handle in life. I need to find more media and contents to fill this little blog.

I'm currently at work taking some time to update this little entry, though short just to explain my absence. I am going to try to get active again and attend some Nuffnang gatherings which I have not attended for quite a while now.. :(

I've also watched several movies but OMG...I am going to take quite a long while to write them all.. but the ones I really did enjoy? I guess I will write some eh? Do excuse my slow entries though.

Could I be excused just for the few movies? At least just a few that most of you have already watched? ❤  

This is ♥ F ♥ signing out for now.. you know you love me :) xoxo

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Valentine's Day vs Islam vs Christianity?

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Hello once again.. yes, so I stumbled upon a video while scouting for some ideas for Valentine's Day and I thought I'd share it with you.

NOTE: It's in Malay language so if you're from a foreign country, I humbly apologize for your trouble understanding it.

I believe, this video says all.

Honestly, I am surprised to see how little things people celebrate just for their loved ones, mostly by the younger generations seem to be a "deadly weapon" towards the older generation.

Nobody really is "worshipping" this day and "supporting" anything regarding its deep, dark history. Nobody takes this very day to be anything related to religion or a way for Christians to "spread" their religion and make muslims "convert" either.

Everyone just celebrates it by taking their loved ones out and making them feel special on that very day itself. Nobody starts fights, riots or debates about it (aside from little spit fires about lonely singles or raging jealous ex-boyfriends/girlfriends) .. so why bring back the sensitive topic and make them afraid of celebrating something which is now commercialized

The answer to that question remains a mystery... LOL!

Oh, and I quote a friend who's muslim who said this: 

" We don't celebrate it for St. Valentine! It's a day we celebrate love! "

This is ♥ F ♥ signing out for now.. you know you love me :) xoxo

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Lindsay Lohan Charged With Felony Grand Theft

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Hello sweeties~ It's me again and back with more "un-shocking" news? Behold! Our ex-Disney star.. going rogue again right after getting out of Rehab recently?

Lindsay Lohan was arraigned Wednesday (February 9) on a felony charge related to her recent jewelry theft case, and the presiding judge made it clear that he wants the troubled starlet to stay straight. 

Lohan arrived in court in a clingy white minidress, big black shades and hair in a blond ponytail with a necklace tucked into her collar. In the courtroom, the actress sat quietly next to her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, who said Lohan's probation officer maintained she has been "a good probationer." Ultimately, the judge decided to revoke her probation in her previous misdemeanor case and set bail at $20,000. At the close of the minutes-long arraignment, Judge Keith Schwartz addressed Lohan directly and advised her that her current circumstance is more serious than her previous legal scrapes. 

"You're in a different situation now that a felony has been filed against you," Schwartz said, later adding that, "If you violate the law, I will remand you and set no bail." The judge explained that Lohan wouldn't be able to dodge jail time and post bail as she did last year after she admittedly failed a court-mandated drug test, saying, "A felony is a different situation and you're not entitled to bail." The judge also firmly told the starlet, "You need to follow the laws just like everybody else," and added, "Please, don't push your luck. I'm telling you, things will be different." 

Lohan allegedly lifted a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, California, jewelry store on January 22. The owner reported the theft to the Los Angeles Police Department, which later investigated the accusation and presented evidence to the District Attorney's office last week. The actress has been officially charged with one count of felony grand theft and faces up to three years in prison. 

The case is unusual for a number of reasons, according to criminal defense lawyer Jacob Glucksman, who used to be a deputy district attorney in the Los Angeles County Prosecutors office. "It does seem odd to me," Glucksman told MTV News on Wednesday afternoon a short time before Lohan's arraignment. "Most theft cases are: You go into a store and hide something in your bag and leave or take it from a person. Something like this is fairly rare and begs the questions: Why didn't the store just go to Lindsay's people and not the cops?

Glucksman said the case will come down to the issue of intent, which could be hard for the prosecutor's office to prove. One of the keys to the case will be prior acts, including similar incidents in the past in which Lohan has been accused (but never criminally charged) with keeping or taking something that didn't belong to her. 

"There's an evidence code in California [section 1101 (b)] that relates to character evidence," he said. "It says that character evidence cannot be used to prove a person's propensity to commit a crime. That means they can't say that 'Lindsay Lohan is the type of person who would commit this crime because she's done XYZ in the past.' " 

However, Glucksman, who is not involved in the Lohan case, added, you can use prior acts to show "motive, intent, opportunity, knowledge or modus operandi," in which case prosecutors could use the character evidence to show that she had intent to steal this time. 

"You would say, 'In the past, someone has given her a coat, a watch, trinkets ... and they haven't asked for it back,' and because she had the knowledge and intent to keep it, that's what she did this time too." Lohan does not have to have been charged with crimes in the prior acts in order for them to be brought up in court, but a judge could seek to limit such evidence if he or she thought it would confuse or mislead jurors and possibly lead them to convict Lohan for a past crime rather than the one that led to her charging. 

The necklace-nicking incident is the latest case in Lohan's extensive litany of legal run-ins. The starlet was recently released from rehab after failing a court-ordered drug test and spending 2010 in and out of courtrooms and in prison for continually failing to comply with the conditions of her probation stemming from a 2007 DUI bust.

This is ♥ F ♥ signing out for now.. you know you love me :) xoxo

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Cathay Damansara - Bad Security?

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I don't know where to go, what to do and where to begin... meh. My mood right now is so dead that I just can't bring myself to talk about the good things. I'm torn apart as I type.

So yea, apart from that.. I went through a rather disappointing, frustrating and traumatic experience a few hours after I woke up. I got called in for a last minute job. Had to do a movie review for Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D ... boss heard I was invited for it.. lol and yeah, went to Cineleisure with Rick. Met up with Andy there.. and chilled with Jay. We got our stuff covered, tickets settled, got our food and off we went for work. It should've been only a 2 hour+ outing.

Woohoo... My luck was down the shithole.

Guess what happened?

I lost my handbag in the cinema. 

What a bummer right? I honestly wasn't angry, or pissed regarding me losing my bag with my money or anything. Only thing that got me so damn upset was the items IN the damn BAG!! I had money entrusted to me, souvenirs from my friends from Korea, UK... the items I just purchased as a gift that wasn't cheap at all. My treasured gifts.. and even my b-day presents were in that bag as well! ARGH!! (>_<。) ... It may not mean a thing to you, but to the person who those items belong to.. it means the world. =/

It wasn't even 10 minutes that I realized it wasn't with me, and we were the LAST group to get out of that damn cinema. I dashed to the hall, entered without word and started searching like a German Shepherd sniffing out drugs. I was so upset and frustrated.

I demanded to see the manager, but of course... he was NOT around (or so I was told). So, I spoke to the Supervisor who I did not give a damn to ask for his name.

Please, Cathay managers, start HIRING those who can speak ENGLISH FLUENTLY. It's a pain to hear your staff struggle to speak.

The conversation went like this when I went to the 3D counter first (I have translated it from Malay) :

Me: Who's incharge here?
Guy 1: Him.
Me: I lost my bag, and it has been no more than 10 minutes that I've been gone.
Guy: Where did you put it?
Me: Underneath the arm rest of the chair.

The supervisor followed me to the cinema with Rick and we searched. NOTE: He took less than 5 minutes to help search then he zoomed off saying " Be right back. " I couldn't be bothered. I started digging and searching high and low. Nothing. There were even a few nice guys sitting near my row helping me search. I didn't have time to thank them but if they get to read this, thank you. I thundered out disappointed, only to see that supervisor with a group of workers standing there, talking. I walked to them, questioning furiously:

Me: My bag isn't there. This does not make any sense. It's been LESS than 10 minutes and we were the last to get out of the cinema. And there is no way in hell a customer would see my bag, because I put it where only the person sitting on that seat is able to get it, and in this case... the cleaner cuz he has to clean the leftover popcorn and whatever.

Guy: ... Are you sure? Maybe earlier a customer took it and you didn't realize? I don't know. The cleaners said they didn't take it.
(Yeah, good answer, believe the cleaners before the customer)

Me: That is impossible. Like I said, it was kept at a place nobody could reach apart from myself or the cleaner. Someone would have had to bend down and push me to get to it and there was nobody there apart from my group and your cleaners.

Guy 2: I didn't see anything. We cleaned this place.

Guy 3: Yeah. Nothing at all.

Me: Right... and of course you will say there isn't anything there. Bloody hell, if you want my money, no idea which of the lot of you took it... you can bloody well HAVE IT, but I want my BAG BACK!! My important things are in there. DAMMIT.

Oh, okay.... so, after my furious attacks, they kept quiet then one of them started to "open up" ..

Guy 2: It was only me, him and the other cleaner.
Me: Other cleaner??
Guy 3: Yeah...
Me: WHO? And WHERE are they?
Guy 2: Downstairs...
Me: I want to see ALL of you, do NOT make me call the manager and security.
Guy 3: They're downstairs...
Me: Downstairs WHERE?
Guy 3: Uhh... toilet.... (I found it odd that they hesitated to tell me the location)

Me: Take me there. N O W. I don't care. NOW.

So okay, Guy 2 takes me to some "bathroom" at the very end of the cinema halls. WTF? That's NOT a bathroom? Or maybe I saw it wrongly? All I saw was a big black plastic bag on a table I think (the guy shut the doors fast) ... then he took me downstairs to a room with another 3 people. One lady and 2 other guys. So, Guy 2 told them I lost my bag and if any of them saw it while cleaning.

Obvious answer?

NO. Lol. Of course right? Which idiot would've admitted?

The lady said " I only swept... I don't touch anything there... " and yes, I understand looks can be deceiving but, her tone... I don't know. God forbid if I'm wrong but, she seemed genuine. I didn't trust the other 3 guys. They looked too suspicious. Sorry if it seems like I'm accusing the staff of Cathay Cineplex, Damansara in Cineleisure but... in advance, I will apologize here, and HERE ONLY if it was stolen by a customer and not one of your staff, so do NOT pound me with your legal public offense. I am blogging here to express my frustration with my uttermost disappointment on your staff priorities and cooperation.

So, yet again.. another disappointment. I walked back up to the 3D booth and talked to the supervisor and he said we can make a report. So alright, I accepted that and went down to the counter to make my report. To my surprise, there was this file with a stack of papers, filled with reports. HELLO? If you can receive that many reports, can't you see that there is a problem there? In America, if this happens twice, they would already change their system and tighten their security. Worst case scenario, shut down business. That's how strict and efficient they are. I admire your service and quality given to the customers when viewing. Air-condition is just nice. Cold but not freezing, stable sound system, clear and well positioned screen. Not to mention good service at the food counter.... but, I am truly disappointed with your security service and staff sense of urgency.

At the counter while filling my report, I said:

Me: So, do you have any security here?
Guy: No.... only the supervisor and the trainees. Just the staff....
Me: Oh.. ok, what about security cameras?
Guy: We do not have any security cameras here. In the whole cinema compound, there are none. No security either. Just us staff.

Ok.... wait, WHAT!? This is a public place. A mall, and there is no security system around the cinema compound? OMG. I was in disbelief. Speechless, and my blood boiled at that statement. I started thinking to myself... what if someone got robbed there? What if someone got murdered and stabbed? What if someone was choking and dying? So many what-ifs.

I beg you to please install any form of surveillance. And PLEASE tighten your security. If someone else loses their items after this, I am sorry, but you will be losing more and more customers with your lack of security and priority in serving your customers.

There were more than 2 at the ticket checking booth and a bunch all standing at the 3D booth while I was interrogating them and out of all the staff working, only ONE guy took me to see the other 2 cleaners and the supervisor who helped me file a report and look for my bag.

Where is your sense of customer service?

I really would say more but I really do not want to drag this into a battlefield.

EDIT: I was told that I would receive a phone call by NOON. It's now 1:40pm. Lack of punctuality there. FIX IT. I stayed up all night, worried and restless, are you happy? Also, the guy who called mumbles and I can BARELY understand what he was saying.

 Bleargh. I'm done ranting.

Thanks to Adrean, Rick, Andy, Cherry, Jay, Ruz, Johnny and Kaze for talking to me and cheering me up. :)

This is ♥ F ♥ signing out for now.. you know you love me :) xoxo

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Time to Edit!

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Heya folks! It's pretty late where I'm at but I'm just too pressured with work right now. Haha. So, I mentioned in my second last entry that I'll be back?

Let's say... well, hopefully this would be my unofficial come-back. :)

I know I've been neglecting my blog but I hope I can be excused with a decent reason, work. Most of the times I get called out for events or movies for further write-up's and reviews, I'll end up having that little spark which pretty much dies out by the time I get home (ノ-_-)ノ ... Ah! I'm horrible :'(

Anyways, here's hoping I'll be able to balance work and hobbies. Blogging.. was my job until I got hired by several companies to work on their events, marketing and PR work. All in one, they call me the Community Representative ... but, I am an important asset to their company, since I handle the whole community =/ ... Loads of work there. On the sidelines, I stick to designing and gaming :D I'm a hired Beta-Tester by the way, so stay tuned if you'd like some Beta-Keys to play newly launched games by many companies from USA, UK and all around Asia (-_- )ノ

Take that as my little apology eh? Hehe...

That's all. Gonna cut this one short :)

This is ♥ F ♥ signing out for now.. you know you love me :) xoxo

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Vampires Suck!?

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Hey there! May I give a shout out to all you Twilight Fans!

Alright.. not really. Today, I was asked out to watch a movie, well.. can't exactly consider it as an "actual" movie but more of a parody. Be prepared for some eye-popping screenies? I present to you:

Vampires Suck.

 Notice the similarities to the original movie, New Moon? Well, you got that right. LOL! ( ̄。 ̄)

Entering the cinema, I noticed a very wide selection of age groups, and I thought to myself  "Oh... maybe this wouldn't be so bad? There are kids here... " Commercials came in, blah blah blah...

I'm not really gonna be the ultimate give away for this movie but to all Twilight fans, I suggest you brace yourselves for a LOAD of jokes, parodies and pretty much hilarious insults directly hit on each character. I do not suggest you watch it IF you are going to be offended with the crazy jokes they pulled off in this movie.

This movie is more of an American Pie version of Twilight, need I mention that Edward killed Alice (from Alive in Wonderland) and was attacked by some unknown rabid-squirrel? I'm not going to spoil the whole movie here but I did find their jokes to be really repetitive.

And this pic, my lovelies, is this movie's version of Edward Cullen..

Honestly, he looked like a little cry-baby... and I kinda give him a +point for looking just as close to the original Edward. His name is Edward Sullen. LOL!

Look at that pretty shy-sad-baby face! :(

The temptation is there to pinch! Hahah! Sorry Twilight fans but I just had to say it. Honest words :p

On the side note... I guess that explains why Edward was always so pretty-pale faced and with a glossy complexion? (=ω=;) Look! It's foundation! -chuckles-

The Sullens! Up close and personal? Well, kinda. They did resemble the original characters, although not all used the same names. Even Bella's name was changed to Becca.... so you get my drift.

Overall, I'd give ★★☆☆☆ out of 5.

Two stars would be one, for effort and effect and quality of the movie, although they made it a cheap way out when focusing on individuality of the characters, one fine example was when the vampires were jumping or having to reach out to an impossible distance in a nick of time. Other than that, they tried their best to keep it with the original plot, so that's the other star.

Well hello there! It's the Black Eyed Peas! Ahaha, alright, I won't spoil any further... but I will show another picture.

Alright! I almost forgot, this is advisable for parents to NOT bring their children to watch this. It DOES contain some graphical scenes and sexual jokes. Not appropriate for minors.

Here's the leftover of Jacob's pack of wolves. Should I comment more? :p

I think I've shown enough spoilers and hilarious screenies of the movie. I'd recommend it to those of you who want to laugh your brains out with the "alter-TWISTED-version" of Twilight in Vampires Suck.

Heavily masculine ghey looking men, and that's not all!


Here's the wonderful trailer to it! :)

Becca Crane: [from trailer] Jacob, run!
[Jacob jumps above Becca and lands in his chihuahua form. Becca disbelievingly]
Becca Crane: A chihuahua? 

That's all folks!

This is ♥ F ♥ signing out for now.. you know you love me :) xoxo

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Hello all! ❤ Gosh.... It really has been a while, hasn't it? :) So, how are you? My fellow readers, so sorry for the long halt on this blog. I've yet to be forgiven :p ... But my work caught up to me and I really didn't have any time in my hands to squeeze in updates. Yes, I admit I have been out and about for movies and events but *sigh* Things were pretty cramped so each time I told myself I wanted to blog and write a review about something, it doesn't happen (´ヘ`;) My apologies!

Alright, so I'll keep my end of the bargain and try my best to write about what I've watched and what I've been up to? Mmm... though I think you're going have to give me a while to come up with my media haha! I need to look for material then compile them and start writing (-_- )ノ

Apart from all that talk, Hm... been busy working from home too. Our nanny kinda went back for a few months to visit her family, so I've taken the initiative to stay home with my family more. Now that I think about it, as tiring as chores can be... when you actually do it with your family, it'll be worthwhile :) Yes, you'll get the usual constant nagging from the one and only person whom you'll never think of hurting horribly called "Mother" ... *laughs* Got you huh? :p

Mums tend to nag until they annoy you so badly that you just wish there was a "mute" button but trust me, it's a ritual for all of us. You should think how it'd be like when we're way older and our parents are long gone. Yes, we can't stand them... that's also because they've been through what we're just in learning-phases. I can't say much but my mother is a wonderful person. I'll probably tell you more about her in one of my posts but for now, I suggest you to remember who brought you to life and was there for you each time you needed support.

I know some of you won't agree. Because there are broken families, I truly understand but if anything, just be happy that you're alive. Don't think about all the negative things that have been haunting you. See past that and always tell yourself that you're gonna be happy and try hard to achieve your goals. A stepping stone at a time... :)

Well, I'll continue to post more soon ;) Gonna relax for now and watch Criminal Minds.

This is ♥ F ♥ signing out for now.. you know you love me :) xoxo